First and Last Lines – A Christmas Quiz

Do you know which book the following are taken from? They have all appeared on my blog this year so you can find a crib sheet here.

This is just for fun so please don’t write any comments. I’ll post answers on Christmas Day and you can mark your own.

Happy Christmas to you all!

First Lines

  1. Bobby Jones teed up his ball…
  2. It was five o’clock on a winter’s morning in Syria.
  3. I am going to kill a man.
  4. “Unsolved mysteries”.
  5. No seaside town in the south of England is, I think, as attractive as St Loo.
  6.  It was New Year’s Eve.
  7. Joseph Higgins, postman, pushed his battered red bicycle up the long ascent that leads to Heron’s Park…
  8. That amiable youth J____ T_______ , came racing down the big staircase at C_______ two steps at a time.
  9. The Spider began his career as a common criminal.
  10. It was close on midnight when a man crossed the Place de la Concorde.
  11. Mrs F______ died on the night of the 16th-17th September – a Thursday.
  12. It was 2pm on the afternoon of May 7th, 1915.
  13. “No trumpeters!” said his Lordship in a tone of melancholy and slightly peevish disapproval.
  14. The intense interest aroused in the public by what was known at the time as “The S____ Case” has now somewhat subsided.
  15. The September sun beat down hotly on Le Bourget aerodrome…

Last Lines

  1. P.S. Do you think they will put me in Madame Tussauds?
  2. It was G_______ who had placed the “clue” for the police to find.
  3. Advertise or go under.
  4. “A title for the book you may never be able to write: ‘Seven Suspects’.”
  5. So she held him, crouched at her knees, against her breast, huddling his head in her arms that he might not hear eight o’clock strike.

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