Book Swapping is the Future (You Know That It Would Suit You)

If you’re going to Bodies from the Library 2019 or live in the Bristol area then I’ve got two books that I’m looking to swap for whatever book you might want to suggest:

Cinderella Goes to the Morgue by Nancy Spain – I’m going to be honest not a good book at all. But if you have liked the author in the past or have a particular interest in theatrically set mysteries then you find something to enjoy. Condition: Hardback with no dustjacket.

No Past is Dead by J. J. Connington – long story but I have a spare copy of this. I haven’t read it yet but according to Curtis Evans it is “one of the few bright spots in his later work”.                     Condition: As New.




Please let me know if you’re interested in the comments below or by DMing me on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Book Swapping is the Future (You Know That It Would Suit You)”

      1. I think you might like More Work for the Undertaker. It is rated one of her best books and comes from the middle period of her output when her standard was consistently at or close to her best work. The copy I have is in paperback in very good condition. I am part of the Bodies From The Library team and will be Manning the “Goody Bag” table next Saturday so, if you are coming along, then the conference would be a perfect opportunity to swap the books. Does that work for you?


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