The Perks of Being a Blogger

Having encouraged my readers to increase the supply of GAD fiction in the charity shops of Bristol in my last post, I was contacted by a very generous gentleman who said he lived in the area and had some duplicates that he had not gone round to donating to a charity shop and would I be interested in them! The answer as the Churchill dog used to say was “Oh, yes!”

So I’m very excited to have picked up the following today:

So I’ll be able to keep up with JJ’s Minor Felonies and who perhaps in R. A. J. Walling or Augustus Muir I could find my very own Brian Flynn!

But this post is not just to rejoice in my good fortune because I also brought back seven books that I already have which are available to anyone who is interested:

So there are the five paperbacks shown above (not actual images as the blog didn’t like my photos – actual images can be provided on request) and two hardbacks with no dustjackets: The Footsteps at the Lock by Ronald Knox and a Josephine Tey omnibus comprising The Singing Sands, A Shilling for Candles, and the Daughter of Time.

I don’t want this to be first come, first served, as that may not be very fair so please don’t put your interest in the comments section. Either get in touch via the Contact Page and leave an email address or DM me on Facebook.

The books themselves are free and I can hand deliver at next year’s Bodies from the Library, or you can send me the postage.






6 thoughts on “The Perks of Being a Blogger”

  1. Good work securing a copy of MacDonald’s The Crime Conductor — I’ve been on the lookout for that one fore a while. ANd I recently found an R.A.J. Walling book myself, A Corpse Without a Clue…so maybe we’ll lead a renaissance of his work, eh…?


    1. I’ll happily lend it to you if you don’t have a copy by next summer. I was very pleased with the copy of Dead Police (originally X v Rex) as it matches the copy of Adrian Messenger that I have. I hadn’t come across Walling at all before, but a quote on GA detection implies that Torquemada was a fan, so hopefully there is something about him.


    2. Must be the season for getting The Crime Conductor. Got one in a job lot but mine is a lot more dilapidated. I would say the spine is so distressed that it makes a HIBK heroine look cool and competent. Hope it lasts long enough for me to read it lol

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