First and Last Lines – A Christmas Quiz 2019

Do you know which book the following are taken from? They have all appeared on my blog this year so you can find a crib sheet of possible answers here.

This is just for fun so please don’t write any comments. I’ll post answers before New Year and you can mark your own.

Happy Christmas to you all!

First Lines

  1. “Penny for the guy, sir?”
  2. It began, as a certain man remembered it, in a house in Pompeii.
  3. “You do see, don’t you, that she’s got to be killed?”
  4. From the very beginning the Khalkis case struck a sombre note.
  5. Warbeck Hall is reputed to be the oldest inhabited house in Markshire.
  6. Lije Baley had just reached his desk when he became aware of R. Sammy watching him expectantly.
  7. “Well, the war’s done one good thing at any rate. It’s got rid of all those damned railings.”
  8. It all began one day in April when I went round to change a library book.
  9. To the unwary traveller, Didcot signifies the imminence of his arrival at Oxford; to the more experienced, another half-hour at least of frustration.
  10. In this narrative of mine I have departed from my usual practice of relating only those incidents and scenes at which I myself was present.

Last Lines

  1. Pour moi, every time the central heating…”
  2. “Tell him,” said Pettigrew happily, “to go and stick pins in himself.”
  3. “Just look at those two – actually holding hands! They’re rather sweet, aren’t they? We must do we all we can to make up to them for having such a dull time in the war…”
  4. “I have committed another crime, Hadley,” he said. “I have guessed the truth again.”
  5. “Woof,” said Bob in energetic assent.
  6.  “Sir, Our client, Lady Buntingford, instructs us most emphatically that she dispatched three undervests-“
  7. For as Mr Ferguson was saying at that minute in Luxor, it is not the past that matters but the future.
  8. “Let’s stab him and see if his ghost can come back and find out who did it.”
  9. In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate… Something like that.
  10. “That,” I said, “is Joanna’s little joke.”

3 thoughts on “First and Last Lines – A Christmas Quiz 2019”

  1. Sorry! I’m so stupid. I simply didn’t Register the part of not writing the answer in comments. 😦 I blame it on reading it on Christmas morning after we celebrated Christmas Eve yesterday. Can my comment be deleted. I’m truly sorry. 😦


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