Authorial Anagrams

In line with my online handle, below are twenty names that authors of detective fiction could have used when they wanted to check into a hotel anonymously. Can you arrange them to find their true identity? Answers – if required – will be provided sometime next week.

  1. Alice F. Milner
  2. Amber Anthers
  3. Archie Lyr
  4. Ayrton Calsnow
  5. Dennis Ducrimp
  6. Eliza R. Swalling
  7. Graham Gary Millen
  8. Helena McInis
  9. Jed Bohun
  10. Jock N. Richardson
  11. Josiah Midas
  12. Lance Frissie
  13. Leonard H. Courtnay
  14. Muriel C. Balance
  15. Moses Gingerone
  16. Nevil Air
  17. Peter Nyprun
  18. Richard Santabinn
  19. Saffron McWellister
  20. Simon Butler

3 thoughts on “Authorial Anagrams”

  1. I, for one, will need your answers! “Saffron McWellister” could have been a real name in a bad novel … great find.


  2. These are the ones that I have figured out so far. There were some where I instantly went ooh it’s such and such, whilst for others it took me a while to figure them out.
    3. Cyril Hare
    5. Edmund Crispin
    7. Margery Allingham
    8. Michael Innes
    9. John Bude
    10. John Dickson Carr
    12. Francis Iles
    15. George Simenon
    17. Rupert Penny
    19. Freeman Wills Crofts


  3. 1. Celia Fremlin 2.Ernest Bramah 3.Cyril Hare 4. Clayton Rawson 5. Edmund Crispin 6.Israel Zangwill 7. Margery Allingham 8.Michael Innes 9. John Bude 10.John Dickson Carr 11. Soji Shimada 12.Frances Iles 13.Arthur Conan Doyle 14. Maurice Leblanc 15. Georges Simenon 16. Ira Levin 17. Christiana Brand 18. Freeman Wills Croft 19.miles Burton


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