Character Anagrams

In line with my online handle, below are twenty names that recurring characters in mystery fiction could have used when they wanted to check into a hotel anonymously. Can you arrange them to find their true identity? Answers – if required – will be provided sometime next week.

  1. Archer Sparkle
  2. Bart McKine
  3. Cameron B. Plait
  4. Daniel Averrio
  5. Evan Hartier
  6. Gareth Widdleshire
  7. George Tunifer
  8. Henry P. Sherif
  9. Howard Coinige
  10. John Chepfers
  11. James Guilter
  12. Magdala Shield
  13. Nobby Bowe
  14. Norma Sprye
  15. Pancho Evil
  16. Pauline Sern
  17. Perry Pekan
  18. Peter Chouloir
  19. Scarlet Lavee
  20. Shane Hogget

Previous puzzles can be found here.


4 thoughts on “Character Anagrams”

  1. Still haven’t figured out #20:
    1. Charles Parker
    2. Martin Beck
    3. Albert Campion
    4. Ariadne Oliver
    5. Harriet Vane
    6. Hildegarde Withers
    7. Reggie Fortune
    8. Phryne Fisher
    9. Archie Goodwin
    10. Joseph French
    11. Jules Maigret
    12. Adam Dalgliesh
    13. Bob Benway
    14. Perry Mason
    15. Philo Vance
    16. Arsene Lupin
    17. Parker Pyne
    18. Hercule Poirot
    19. Steve Carella


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