Happy Easter

When I was initially thinking about writing this post, the world seemed a very different place, but although some of the practicalities of how we live our lives may have changed,the fundamental nature of who we are as people as not.

At the end of one of Freeman Wills Crofts’ detective stories, a criminal suffering with the guilt of what he has done has the following experience:

“Then one night, when he was at his very lowest, his thoughts went back to his childhood and his childhood’s teaching. Some old words that he had then learnt recurred to him, about going to Someone and being given rest*. And as these echoed in his mind he knew beyond doubt or question that he had been deceiving himself: that there was a God, that good and evil in his life did matter, and that if there was hope for him at all, it was through the Divine Man who had spoken these words.

Without any conscious intention, he suddenly found himself doing something he had not done for perhaps thirty years. He was praying.”

This leads him to a point where:

“His prayer and confession had been the first steps to a vital contact with the Divine. Though his sorrow for what he had done remained, he now knew himself to be forgiven, cleaned from his load of guilt, and with a power and confidence to face the future to which he was moving, such as he had never before experienced.”

The message of Easter is that forgiveness is available to all, through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are many objections to this proposition, one of which is that we are dealing with an impossible situation, a “locked-tomb mystery” if you will pardon the pun: how could a dead man leave a sealed chamber. I can’t give a nice Carrian solution to this problem because whilst I subscribe to Knox’s Decalogue when it comes to detective fiction, I don’t in real-life.

Frank Morison investigated the evidence for and against the resurrection of Jesus in his book “Who Moved the Stone?” and I recommend it to you.

At this time of global uncertainty where you might be asking some of life’s biggest questions, please consider reviewing the evidence for the claims of Jesus Christ for yourself.

Thank you for reading, once more Happy Easter, and God bless you.

*In Matthew Chapter 11 Verse 28 Jesus says “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”.

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