Archons of Athens! It’s the Gideon Fell Cryptic Crossword!

My wandering mind had moved on from anagrams to cryptic clues for all things GAD when (Burn me!) JJ launched a Poirot themed cryptic crossword yesterday. As imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I am responding with something similar (well exactly the same to be honest) based on one of his favourite authors.


  1. The answers are all words or phrases taken from the titles of the (according to Wikipedia – but don’t go looking them up now!) 23 novels featuring Gideon Fell.
  2.  English titles are used throughout.
  3.  Each title is only featured once.
  4.  In the case of single word answers, none are trivial e.g. of, it, he etc.
  5. No knowledge of the books is required and there are no spoilers in the clues or solutions.
  6.  One Gideon Fell title has been replaced by a different John Dickson Carr title – what is missing and what has been added?



2. Witch cuts prophet in half (3)

3. Smash lost, small Luton fan (6)

7. Comes before and after lightning (7)

8 and 5 down Send a message to John or Nicholas then keep them there (4,4)

9. Keith comes out at night (4)

10 and 22 down Coffin carried by Inspector Queen? (5-3)

11. Joint bowel transplant (5)

13. Bent shared by Doyle and Christie (7)

14. 11 across changes position (5)

17 and 23 and 1 down Vow oddly no longer repeated by the BBC (4,5,2,2,4)

19. Criticise opening joke (5)

20. He’ll give you a close shave in more ways than one (5,6)

23. See 17 across (2,2)

24. Greek god in charge so act fearfully (5)

25. In Ludlow his personal assistant speaks softly (8)


1. See 17 across (4)

4. Man leaves John’s for Agatha’s (3,6)

5. See 8 across (4)

6. How a medium improves their position (5,3,6)

8. Tells you when to look out (5)

10. They’ll take a cutting from this Wordsworth anthology (6)

12. Always against holy insect (8)

15. Bad and dead at the start of the game (5)

16. What a husband or constable may be doing? (8)

18. Get up “After the Funeral” (4)

21. Things fall apart after dusk (6)

22. See 10 across (3)

The Grid

Ah! This is where I have a slight problem – my technological limitations prevent me from creating this in a fashion that I can upload and even if I could my free WordPress site may not even accept it. The clues can be solved without a grid, you just won’t have the help of any letters from overlapping words.

However, if you would like a printable spreadsheet grid and clues, please send me your email address via the Contact page at the top of the screen and I will email them to you.


5 thoughts on “Archons of Athens! It’s the Gideon Fell Cryptic Crossword!”

  1. I am humbled to be the inspiration for this, and destitute at how quickly you’ve pulled this together in comparison to how damn long it took me to make mine….!


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