Archons of Athens! It’s the Answers to the Gideon Fell Cryptic Crossword!

If you are still stumped after a week, hopefully this will put your mind at rest. If you haven’t already had a go, the original puzzle is here.


  1. The answers are all words or phrases taken from the titles of the (according to Wikipedia – but don’t go looking them up now!) 23 novels featuring Gideon Fell.
  2.  English titles are used throughout.
  3.  Each title is only featured once.
  4.  In the case of single word answers, none are trivial e.g. of, it, he etc.
  5. No knowledge of the books is required and there are no spoilers in the clues or solutions.
  6.  One Gideon Fell title has been replaced by a different John Dickson Carr title – what is missing and what has been added?



2. Witch cuts prophet in half (3) HAG’s Nook

3. Smash lost, small Luton fan (6) The Mad HATTER Mystery

7. Comes before and after lightning (7) In Spite of THUNDER

8 and 5 down Send a message to John or Nicholas then keep them there (4,4) The Problem of the WIRE CAGE

9. Keith comes out at night (4) Dark of the MOON

10 and 22 down Coffin carried by Inspector Queen? (5-3) The Emperor’s SNUFF-BOX – the non-Fell title – the missing one is The Man Who Could Not Shudder

11. Joint bowel transplant (5) The House at Satan’s ELBOW

13. Bent shared by Doyle and Christie (7) The CROOKED Hinge

14. 11 across changes position (5) BELOW Suspicion

17 and 23 and 1 down Vow oddly no longer repeated by the BBC (4,5,2,2,4) TILL DEATH DO US PART

19. Criticise opening joke (5) The Dead Man’s KNOCK

20. He’ll give you a close shave in more ways than one (5,6) The BLIND BARBER

23. See 17 across (2,2)

24. Greek god in charge so act fearfully (5) PANIC in Box C

25. In Ludlow his personal assistant speaks softly (8) He Who WHISPERS


1. See 17 across (4)

4. Man leaves John’s for Agatha’s (3,6) THE HOLLOW Man

5. See 8 across (4)

6. How a medium improves their position (5,3,6) Death TURNS THE TABLES

8. Tells you when to look out (5) Death-WATCH

10. They’ll take a cutting from this Wordsworth anthology (6) The Eight of SWORDS

12. Always against holy insect (8) The Case of the CONSTANT Suicides

15. Bad and dead at the start of the game (5) The BLACK Spectacles

16. What a husband or constable may be doing? (8) The SLEEPING Sphinx

18. Get up “After the Funeral” (4) To WAKE The Dead

21. Things fall apart after dusk (6) The Arabian NIGHTS Murder

22. See 10 across (3)

4 thoughts on “Archons of Athens! It’s the Answers to the Gideon Fell Cryptic Crossword!”

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed this, John, thanks for your work. One question — can I ask for an explanation of “What a husband or constable may be doing?”? I’m clearly dim and don’t see how to get ‘sleeping’…


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. This clue was a little bit more out there – husband and constable are synonyms for partner and policeman, both of which can be preceded by sleeping, the latter being a speedbump.


      1. Aaaah, see — told you I was being dim.

        I particularly enjoyed 11a, 14a, 25a, and 21d — I think there’s just something about wordplay that appeals to me.


      2. I liked being able to do anagrams of both Elbow and Below and link one question to the other – particularly with Elbow and Bowel both being body parts.


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