Burn Me! It’s the Henry Merrivale Cryptic Crossword!

Exactly the same premise as the Gideon Fell crossword if you want to skip the rules.


  1. The answers are all words or phrases taken from the titles of the (according to Wikipedia – but don’t go looking them up now!) 22 novels featuring Henry Merrivale.
  2.  English titles are used throughout.
  3.  Each title is only featured once.
  4.  In the case of single word answers, none are trivial e.g. of, it, he etc.
  5. No knowledge of the books is required and there are no spoilers in the clues or solutions.
  6.  One Henry Merrivale title has been replaced by a different Carter Dickson title – what is missing and what has been added?



1. Swear that French priests moved (5)

4. Oxford (or Cambrige) cereal that’s never been seen (7)

7. Sounds like you are Wallace’s civil servant (6)

8. Madge Lind becomes golden boy (6,3)

11. “Stew, evil may stew” is how Hal presented Jane and Anne (2,4,5)

12. Gladys contains herself (4)

15. Gain stock market opening (6)

17. See 6 down (2,3,5)

19. People sit here to watch fights (5)

20. Under a sailor – and full of them! (9)

22. Knockout drink (5)


1. Partners make love here (5)

2. Serious measure for the dead (9)

3. Red Rum comes back and makes a killing (6)

5. Before unknown religious house (6)

6. Death-Watch but on a grander scale (3,8,2,3,5)

9. She plays a lone hand (8)

10. Monarchists’ cars (9)

13. Hear frank cop get the point (6)

14. Number in attendance (3)

16. Galahad leaves 15 across alone… (5)

18. …but is heard after dark (5)

21. Ruse covers 15 across (5)

The Grid

Ah! This is where I have a slight problem – my technological limitations prevent me from creating this in a fashion that I can upload and even if I could my free WordPress site may not even accept it. The clues can be solved without a grid, you just won’t have the help of any letters from overlapping words.

However, if you would like a printable spreadsheet grid and clues, please send me your email address via the Contact page at the top of the screen and I will email them to you.


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