Burn Me! It’s the Answers to the Henry Merrivale Cryptic Crossword!

If you are still stumped after a week, hopefully this will put your mind at rest. The original puzzle can be found here.


  1. The answers are all words or phrases taken from the titles of the (according to Wikipedia – but don’t go looking them up now!) 22 novels featuring Henry Merrivale.
  2.  English titles are used throughout.
  3.  Each title is only featured once.
  4.  In the case of single word answers, none are trivial e.g. of, it, he etc.
  5. No knowledge of the books is required and there are no spoilers in the clues or solutions.
  6.  One Henry Merrivale title has been replaced by a different Carter Dickson title – what is missing and what has been added?



1. Swear that French priests moved (5) The CURSE of the Bronze Lamp

4. Oxford (or Cambrige) cereal that’s never been seen (7) The UNICORN Murders

7. Sounds like you are Wallace’s civil servant (6) The READER is Warned

8. Madge Lind becomes golden boy (6,3) The GILDED MAN

11. “Stew, evil may stew” is how Hal presented Jane and Anne (2,4,5) MY LATE WIVES

12. Gladys contains herself (4) She Died a LADY

15. Gain stock market opening (6) The Judas WINDOW

17. See 6 down (2,3,5)

19. People sit here to watch fights (5) Death in Five BOXES

20. Under a sailor – and full of them! (9) Death in the SUBMARINE Zone

22. Knockout drink (5) The PUNCH and Judy Murders


1. Partners make love here (5) The Plague COURT Murders 

2. Serious measure for the dead (9) A GRAVEYARD To Let

3. Red Rum comes back and makes a killing (6) And So To MURDER

5. Before unknown religious house (6) The White PRIORY Murders

6. Death-Watch but on a grander scale (3,8,2,3,5) THE SKELETON IN THE CLOCK

9. She plays a lone hand (8) He Wouldn’t Kill PATIENCE

10. Monarchists’ cars (9) The CAVALIER’S Cup

13. Hear frank cop get the point (6) The Third BULLET – the non-Merrivale title – Seeing is Believing was omitted

14. Number in attendance (3) The TEN Teacups

16. Galahad leaves 15 across alone… (5) The Red WIDOW Murders

18. …but is heard after dark (5) NIGHT at the Mocking Widow

21. Ruse covers 15 across (5) Behind the Crimson BLIND 

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