Soapy Joe! It’s the Answers to the Inspector French Cryptic Crossword!

If you are still stumped after a week, here are the answers. The original puzzle can be found here.


  1. The answers are all words or phrases taken from what I believe are the titles of the 30 novels featuring Inspector Joseph French.
  2.  English titles are used throughout.
  3.  Each title is only featured once.
  4.  In the case of single word answers, none are trivial e.g. of, it, he etc.
  5. Slight knowledge of one of books is required but there are no spoilers in the clues or solutions.
  6.  One Inspector French title has been replaced by a different Carter Dickson title – what is missing and what has been added?



1. Has Heseltine hidden the trophy? (5) Golden ASHES

5 and 21 down. Customary question answered by genius (8,2,7) ANYTHING TO DECLARE?

6. Boy heard stealin’ (5) Young ROBIN Brand, Detective

8. Travels around to get here (7) Inspector French and the STARVEL Tragedy

9. A very loud tune is bad for the partnership (6) The AFFAIR at Little Wokeham

11. Hear music magazine is against us (5) ENEMY Unseen

13. I go to the loo (4) Sir JOHN Magill’s Last Journey

14. Footballer scores then stops playing (7) French STRIKES Oil

22. See 24

24 and 22. n (3,3,2,6,8) THE END OF ANDREW HARRISON

25. Before yet get there, change ye hat now (2,3,3) Death ON THE WAY

26. Peter is shorted to Max (6) Inspector French and the CHEYNE Mystery

27. Former quizmaster thanks right reverend insect (7) James TARRANT, Adventurer

28. Keeps all the pigs (4) The HOG’S Back Mystery 

29. Direct fashion designer inhales nitrogen (7) Mystery in the CHANNEL

30. Try opening old city with energy (7) Fatal VENTURE


2. Two short men these days say nothing (7) SILENCE for the Murderer 

3. 150% (roughly 100) found in Buckinghamshire (8) Fear Comes to CHALFONT

4. Contains sack, perhaps? (4) The CASK – the non-French title – Crime at Guildford was omitted 

7. Lieutenant is cut down but retains his position (6) The Box OFFICE Murders

10. Unloading toffee carelessly but drug-free is possible outcome for 12 (5,8) FOUND FLOATING

12. Kasparov plays and gets rinsed (3,9) MAN OVERBOARD!

15. Ted, unshaded, could quickly suffer effect of severe heat-stroke (6,5) SUDDEN DEATH

16. A secret stage could be his acme (8,4) Inspector French’s GREATEST CASE

17. Port ruined Thomas Upton (11) Mystery on SOUTHAMPTON Water

18. C? (3,7) The SEA MYSTERY

19. Love according to the song guarantees itself (6,4) The LOSING GAME 

20. Jean proves to be ship-shape (4,6) The Loss of the “JANE VOSPER”

21. See 5 across

23. I have no more poison within (5) Antidote to VENOM

26. 102 men meet in London (7) The 12:30 from CROYDON

27. Constrained rocket (5) Death of a TRAIN

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