What’s In A Name Quiz

A number of the British Library Crime Classics contain a subtitle on the front cover. Can you identify the title(s) that go with these description – there are 22 books in total:

An Alpine Mystery

A Cambridge Mystery

A Christmas Crime Story

A Devon Mystery

A Fireworks Night Mystery

A Lancashire Mystery

A London Mystery

A Paris Mystery

A Rhineland Mystery

A Seasonal Mystery

A Second World War Mystery

A Scottish Mystery

A Staffordshire Mystery

A Yorkshire Mystery

3 thoughts on “What’s In A Name Quiz”

  1. I managed about half of these from my memory, and all of them with help from abebooks.

    An Alpine Mystery – Crossed Skis
    A Cambridge Mystery – The Incredible Crime
    A Christmas Crime Story – Mystery in White , Portrait of a Murderer
    A Devon Mystery – Fire in the Thatch, Murder in the Mill-Race
    A Fireworks Night Mystery – The Progress of a Crime
    A Lancashire Mystery – Fell Murder
    A London Mystery – Bats in the Belfry, Smallbone Deceased, The Lost Gallows
    A Paris Mystery – It Walks By Night , The Corpse in the Waxworks
    A Rhineland Mystery – Castle Skull
    A Seasonal Mystery – The Christmas Egg
    A Second World War Mystery – Checkmate to Murder, Death in Captivity , Death Has Deep Roots
    A Scottish Mystery – Murder of a Lady
    A Staffordshire Mystery – The Spoilt Kill
    A Yorkshire Mystery – The Body in the Dumb River

    Incidentally, when working from memory I had some “false positives”, one of which was “Murder by Matchlight” – I can’t help wondering why this wasn’t labelled a Second World War Mystery, as the blackout is an essential part of the plot.


    1. I was surprised that Murder by Matchlight wasn’t subtitled as well. I didn’t look at my copy of Mystery in White properly and missed that, so you’ve still got one more to find!


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