Reprint of the Year 2021: Hare Sitting Up (1959) by Michael Innes

Howard Juniper, a top government scientist has gone missing, and so has something that shouldn’t have left the locked refrigerator in his laboratory. Sir John Appleby is put in charge of retrieving both man and biological sample and his first action is to go to Splaine Croft School to persuade Howard’s twin Miles to buy him time by impersonating his brother, as he used to do at Cambridge University.

Having done that Appleby can get on with the business of tracing Howard, but has been kidnapped, defected or even driven mad by the strain of his work and its implications for humanity? And which of these would be worse?

Despite containing an excellent verbal clue, this is definitely on the thriller side of Innes’ output and by no means really a reprint of the year but due to the size of my TBR pile I don’t actually read that many books in the year in which they come out, so this is really a reminder to you to buy some more Innes (any of his first four Appleby books is first class and “There Came Both Mist and Snow” is appropriate for the Christmas season) so that hopefully Agora Books reprint the next titles in the series and I can continue my collection!


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