Answer Smash – Crime Writers

In the excellent quiz show “House of Games” the final round is always “Answer Smash” where you are shown a photo and given a clue which you have to smash together e.g.

Multiple major winning Northern Irish golfer

A picture of actress Helen McCrory, and a clue for Rory McIlroy, so the answer is HELEN McCRORY McILROY.

All the pictures are of crime writers. Have fun!

Village play

Heart problem

Former England football manager

Cinematic topiarist

Creator of Colonel Gore

Not DC

Question asked at Grace Brothers

Creator of Manory and Williams

Creator of Montague Cork

Eight-division world boxing champion

Biblical Scottish football team

Fictional legal secretary

Keats’ avian poem

Won awards for Kazan and Brando

Played Christie’s fictional alter ego

I’ll publish the answers later in the week. In the meantime please take a look at my previous puzzles.


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