It’s the End…But the Moment has Been Prepared For

No, I haven’t fallen off a radio telescope after saving the world but the observant among you will have noticed that I have now completed the original purpose of this blog which was to review all eighty of Agatha Christie’s mystery novels and short story collections. So next month will feel a little strange as it will be the first in four and half years where I have no plans to read anything by the Queen of Crime.

But I will be continuing to work on my other projects. I have forty more Sherlock Holmes adventures to re-read, eighty-one more of the 100 Greatest Literary Detectives to get (re-)acquainted with and more Japanese mystery fiction to enjoy as soon as someone can translate it.

I would like to take this opportunity to praise those who inspired me to blog.

My journey back to crime fiction began when I picked up two of the British Library Crime Classics short story collections in some sort of offer alongside “And Then There Were None” which I wanted to re-read following the 2015 BBC TV adaptation. In searching for a complete list of BLCC titles I found Martin Edwards’ excellent blog Do You Write Under Your Own Name? where he covers a wide range of books from early to modern, easily obtainable to rare. Although he is now destined to be remembered more for his non-fiction work on the genre he continues to write a number of series of novels. Of the few that I have read I would most recommend “Yesterday’s Papers” which features his first series character, Harry Devlin.

From Martin’s blog I found my way to many others starting with, if I remember correctly, In Search of the Classic Mystery by the Puzzle Doctor. As well as being a prolific reviewer he has had great success in resurrecting lost author Brian Flynn. My favourite of the five I’ve tried so far is The Mystery of the Peacock’s Eye.



The best thing about following other bloggers is that you find out about books and authors that you wouldn’t have done otherwise. Were it not for Kate at Cross-Examining Crime I would have been very unlikely to try the work of Celia Fremlin nor ever have sought out a copy of the amazing The Deadly Percheron by John Franklin Bardem. 



Similarly, associating the name Ira Levin primarily with “Rosemary’s Baby”, I would have missed out on the excellent A Kiss Before Dying if I hadn’t read Aidan’s review at Mysteries Ahoy!




Then there’s Brad at Ah Sweet Mystery! who has forgotten more about the works of Agatha Christie than the rest of us will ever know. His pieces which cover her works thematically are thought-provoking but it is his book report on The Moai Island Puzzle by Alice Arisugawa which has stuck most in my mind.



And if you’ve followed the previous link then that ties us nicely to JJ at The Invisible Event. A keen student of the impossible crime, it’s down to him that I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed the complete works of Rupert Penny, starting with The Talkative Policeman. He has recently taken his vast knowledge of the genre and used it to create the brilliant The Red Death Murders – if you have’t read it yet get yourself a copy and then buy more copies to give to all your family for Christmas.

Thanks for reading and here’s to the next five years’ of blogging!



7 thoughts on “It’s the End…But the Moment has Been Prepared For”

  1. And thank you for continuing your blog. In addition to all those who you name above plus Curtis, Nick, Tomcat, John, Ben, Bev, Moira, Neeru, Sergio, etc. , I use all your blogs to curate the best in mystery fiction from the Golden Age and other eras. As a result, I have read so many amazing books that I otherwise might never have known. Looking forward to future posts from you.

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  2. Congratulations on achieving your goal! I have enjoyed reading your notes on each of the novels and collections which have enriched my enjoyment and appreciation of them.
    Thank you for the link – I am glad you liked A Kiss Before Dying. 🙂

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  3. Thank you for the kind mention. I am glad you enjoyed the Bardin book so much.
    Well done on completing your target of reviewing all the Christies – no mean feat! I have done a chunk of them, but there are many many left to go. It is always pleasing when you manage to finish reviewing a series on your blog.
    Looking forward to seeing what comes next on your blog and I have every confidence you will complete your other reading goals.

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  4. Thanks so much for including me, John. I’m one title away from completing my coverage of the Harriet Rutland canon (she wrote three books), so I understand your sense of accomplishment. This illustrious company should form a group – perhaps a . . . a book club . . .

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  5. Congrats on finishing, and thanks for the kinds words. Surely the obvious next step is to work through Sophie Hannah’s Poirot continuation novels, right?

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  6. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, but Christie’s estate should have commissioned Sophie Hannah and other authors to write Sven Hjerson mysteries under the name “Ariadne Oliver.” Such a series can stand on its own and still be considered part of the Christieverse without the burden of expectations that comes with a brand new Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple novel. They can even have a little fun and do a contest with each book in which readers have to deduce which author is hidden behind the Ariadne Oliver pseudonym. They can publish the hardcover contest edition with only the Ariadne Oliver name on the cover and later both names on the paperback/ebook editions. That would make everyone happy. The fans, the publisher and the writers.

    Anyway, congratulations on finishing the challenge!

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