Sherlockian Shorts

A series of posts, containing full spoilers, as I make my way once more throughHolmes the complete canon, picking out points of interest and reflecting on my personal experience of the stories.

#1 – A Study in Scarlet

#2 – The Sign of the Four

#3 -A Scandal in Bohemia, The Red-Headed League, and A Case of Identity

#4 – The Boscombe Valley Mystery. The Five Orange Pips, and The Man with the Twisted Lip

#5 – The Blue Carbuncle, The Speckled Band, and The Engineer’s Thumb

#6 – The Noble Bachelor, The Beryl Coronet, and The Copper Beeches

#7 – Silver Blaze, The Yellow Face, and The Stockbroker’s Clerk

#8 – The Gloria Scott, The Musgrave Ritual, and The Reigate Squires

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