A new blog for 2018

Having followed a few crime blogs over the last year, I have been inspired by the recent purchase of a complete second-hand set of Agatha Christie’s crime novels and short stories to start writing my own.

I plan to read and blog on two books per month, by order of publication, so 2018 will begin with “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” and “The Secret Adversary”.

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you, and receiving yours in return, but to kick things off, can you identify the ten Agatha Christie book covers from which the images shown above were taken? Please submit answers as a Comment, going from left to right, then top to bottom. I will publish all answers and the solutions next week.

One thought on “A new blog for 2018”

  1. 1) ? 2) Cards on the Table 3) Peril at End House 4) Cat Among the Pigeons 5) ? 6) Death on the Nile 7) After the Funeral? 8? Death in the Clouds 9) Elephants Can Remember? 10) The Big Four?


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